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The day of the clearing Sophy came with her materials. She had beautiful roses, candles, crystals, everything was pure and beautiful and she set out a space in one of my rooms and we started the ritual.  I loved it from the beginning to the end.  It was uplifting, peaceful, promising and very spiritual.  She was very focused and precise on what she saw as we moved from room to room.  It was so moving and intense.  I felt elated.

Since the clearing on my apartment I felt a true shift in my energy and I can now over a month later happily report that there has been some very positive life changes in both my personal life and professional career. I would recommend Sophy to perform her clearing as she is authentic, full of energy and an inspiration.

Sophy has a profound energetic presence and the way she engages and assist in guiding and facilitation this clear process is awesome.

I notice within myself, that some of the things I have been working towards are now flowing with greater ease.  I have recommended Sophy to several of my friends who have been delighted at both the introduction and the experience.

Sophy has a very natural, fresh and flowing healing energy. It was a pleasure to have her in my home guiding a beautiful ritual and creating space to manifest and feel things anew. I am honoured to have had her respectful, joyful presence sharing her awarenesses of possibilities in my sacred space. Some things have already manifested!